Dear Stay-At-Home Mom

Dear Stay-At-Home Mom,

I don’t know how you do it.Letter to Stay-At-Home Mom

We all loved the recent mom spoof of the original BBC interview where the dad’s Skype call was interrupted by a toddler, and it sparked a letter by a stay-at-home mom to all working moms expressing her admiration for what they do. But what you may not realize, stay-at-home mom, is that could have been you. Maybe you were being interviewed by a parent magazine or mommy blogger who wanted your latest tips on staying organized, cooking affordable yet tasty meals, or keeping yourself sane and your children occupied.

I… Continue reading

Moms Lose Their Shit

I’m the working mom who looks like she has it all Moms lose their shittogether.  I get to work early, usually squeeze in a lunchtime workout and leave almost religiously on time to make it home to my family.  I work hard, meet deadlines, come up with new ideas and execute them, and support my colleagues.  To those around me, I’m calm, cool, collected (most of the time) and competent.  I get things done, and I have very high standards.

I’m the silly mom who plays with her toddler all throughout the grocery store to avoid meltdowns.  We… Continue reading

What to do when diaper rash cream doesn’t work.

We have definitely had our fair share of nasty diaper When diaper rash cream doesn't workrashes and let me tell you, when you have a kid who hates sitting still for a diaper change anyway – adding a rash to the mix really makes for an all out battle.  (Picture wrestling an angry alligator.)  While the traditional Desitin cream did the trick when our boy was a newborn, by the time he was 6-9 months old and his teeth were pushing their way in, this did absolutely nothing to help his poor sore tushy.  The first really bad bought we had was… Continue reading

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ask Me When I’m Having Another Child

So, I knew that after my husband and I had beenDon't ask when I'm having another child dating awhile that people would ask when we would get married. And I had been warned by friends who got married before me that as soon as you say “I do” people will be asking when you’re having a baby. But nothing prepared me for the number of people asking me when we would be having ANOTHER CHILD after our first one. Literally, the day I got back from maternity leave (3 months after our son was born) people were asking if I was ready for another one. REALLY?! Do you realize that I haven’t gotten more than 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep in months? And that it literally takes every ounce of energy to get a load of laundry done or put dinner on the table? Do you know that I can’t even remember if I put deodorant on this morning?

It’s a bit mind-blowing to me how so many people have opinions about other people’s lives.

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STOP Telling New Parents to “Cherish Every Moment”

“Cherish every moment” was the advice I received most often as a new mom. And cherish I did. I soaked up every second of a newborn snuggling softly on my chest and breathed in deeply that smell of soft baby skin. I enjoyed breastfeeding as much as I could, mostly the feeding right before bedtime when he dozed peacefully off to sleep. I smiled at his first giggles, tears welling in my eyes at the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. I loved all of these special, memorable moments.

But to tell you the honest truth, I did not love being a mom. Not for a good long while.

Advice for new parents


Although I found happiness, bliss and a deeper love than I could have ever imagined, I also found anxiety, impatience, frustration and an exhaustion I never could have fathomed. I always worried if we were doing things right. Did he nurse long enough? Should we wake him up to make him eat? Was there something else we could do to make him sleep longer at night? Will he ever get used to tummy time? Are we doing enough to help get rid of that flat spot on his head that the pediatrican noticed? And the list goes on…

Looking back on the first year of our son’s life, it’s fair to say that I spent far more time worrying than I did cherishing.

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5 Tips for Eating Out With Your Toddler

It’s pretty rare that we take our toddler out to eat and if we
Tips For Eating Out With Toddlerhave a bad experience (because of him, not the restaurant), it’s even longer before we even think about trying it again.  To our shocking surprise, we recently had an amazingly smooth dinner out so I thought I’d share some tips and tricks that helped make it an enjoyable (though still not relaxing, let’s be honest here) experience for us.
Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that we don’t stick to normal family rules when it comes to eating out because, really, we’re just hoping to survive!
1) Don’t do it.  I know, this post is supposed to HELP you when you DO take your toddler out but I feel like this is a point worth making.  If your toddler has had a rough day, is overly hungry already, tired or has any other major difficulties going on that day – do everyone a favor and don’t bother taking them out to eat.  Some people may argue with me but at the end of the day, you have to read your toddler and be in tune with what they have going on.  If you don’t feel like cooking and it was supposed to be a nice meal out, just order take-out from the restaurant instead and call it a day.  You will be calmer (after all, tantrums at home are way easier than ones in public), your toddler will be happier (free to run around the house while you finish eating) and you’ll even save money on drinks and a tip!

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5 Pieces of Labor and Delivery Advice for New Moms

In a recent conversation with a newly expecting mom, Labor and Delivery Advice for New MomsI found myself giving some valuable (and solicited) advice about labor and delivery. I’m not usually the type to offer up my two cents and complete birth story, since I hated it when people did that to me, but since she was asking me quite a bit about what to expect and what I recommend, I opened right up! So I thought I’d share my top 5 pieces of advice when it comes to labor and delivery for first-time moms:

1. Try out prenatal yoga – Personally, I was never much of one for yoga. And as far as giving birth went, I just assumed I’d get the epidural as soon as I was able to. I had heard about prenatal yoga and figured I would give it a try – hoping to learn some helpful poses and breathing techniques for when the big day came. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I learned and how much confidence I gained in my ability to possibly undergo an all natural birth. Breathing, visual focus, relaxation, movements and poses were all super helpful leading up to the birth and also very much so during my labor. I actually spent most of my labor on a yoga ball and my yoga mat. And although I eventually begged for the epidural (after all, 22 hours of labor takes quite a toll), I was still really happy that I did prenatal yoga because it gave me a great deal of confidence in my ability to manage labor pains. Continue reading

Starting Baby on Solid Food

By our 4 month check up, our little guy was showing How to start baby on solid food signs that he was ready to start solids. He had an incessant interest in anything we were eating and was sitting up with some support. We were fortunate enough to receive some great guidance from our pediatrician on which foods should be introduced when. This made things pretty simple but I’m learning that many other mommies aren’t so lucky to have this guidance and are left wondering:

* What are good first foods for baby?
* What kind of baby cereal should we use?
* Will my baby develop a preference for sweet foods if we start with fruit?
* When can my baby eat meat?

Here’s the deal, at least from our experience…

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OMG My Dad Was Right

Maybe it’s because I’m technically a millennial but Dad was right - parenting advice - mom blogI’ve always had a need for positive reinforcement. As a kid, I wanted to know that my parents were proud of me. In college, I wanted good grades from my professors. In my first few jobs out of college and, still today, I’ve hoped that my supervisors would give me positive reassurance and guidance on how to continue to improve and grow.

This has all worked out pretty well for me. I’ve grown to be ambitious, hard-working, caring, and dedicated. I aim to please, achieve goals and set my sights on bigger… Continue reading

Vacationing with a Toddler – Lessons Learned

“They don’t just give those kids to anyone,” Mommy reflections on vacationing with toddlermy husband said as I lamented our less than perfect 8-day cross-country trip to visit my sister. I was telling him that I felt embarrassed by the way I had lost my temper with our toddler time after time on our vacation. I felt like a terribly impatient mother who could not contain her frustration. And, to a sibling and her husband who never wanted children to begin with, I was certain I appeared completely in over my head.

I came to a lot of realizations on our trip, mostly the hard… Continue reading

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